Andy Ryan unsure if Neil Seery will fight again

Team Ryano head coach Andy Ryan joined Niall McGrath on this week’s episode of the Talking Brawls Podcast and revealed that he is unsure whether Neil Seery will compete again after the Irishman withdrew from his rescheduled retirement bout with Ian McCall which had been set for UFC 208 last weekend.

“It’s up to him, he’s 37 now, he has young kids, he has two older girls, two young boys. I think he knows the amount of time that goes into the game now, he’s going to miss a lot of time with the family. He doesn’t want to leave his four kids, he has a full time job, he enjoys a bit of fishing now.

“I’d like to see him come back and do a fight but if he wants to hang the gloves up then I’ll support him 100%.”

“I don’t think he owes anyone any favours. I don’t think he owes anyone any apologies for retiring. He has done a lot for Irish MMA and I think if he wants to hang the gloves up then let him hang the gloves up.”

“I think he will hang the gloves up, I think he’s finished.”

“I’m saying that but he might come up here tonight and train and I could go upstairs and he’d be on the mat and he could be saying to me ‘get me a fight in London or get me a fight somewhere.’ But I think he knows how [much] hard work it is, he’s a great worker but he has young kids there and he wants to spend a bit of time with them and if he wants to hang the gloves up now then hang the gloves up now. But if he doesn’t then we’ll support him. We’ll back him.”

You can listen to the full interview with Andy Ryan on this week’s episode of Talking Brawls:

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