Has Stephan Bonnar talked his way into a Rampage bout?

Stephan Bonnar beat Kyle Kingsbury at UFC 139 by decision and has been talking about whats next for him.

“I’ve always wanted to fight ‘Rampage, you know, I’ve got a few wins now and maybe (I can) get a big name (next).”

After hearing this Quinton Rampage Jackson went on his twitter and posted..

@rampage4real – Bonnor called me out?! I would end his career 4 real

Dana White has spoken out on the subject saying..

“Rampage texted me tonight and said he wants to fight him too. I don’t know. We’ll see.”

Now Rampage has been back on twitter and has said

@rampage4real – Guys I never said I was fighting Bonnar next,but since the guys I wanna fight can’t or won’t fight me,I wouldn’t mind fighting him next

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