Fighter Predictions – UFC 141 Lesnar vs Overeem

Nam Phan: I say Brock by decision.

Kyle Kingsbury: I got Lesnar with the endurance edge, smashing The ’Reem in the second with some nasty ground-and-pound.

Travis Lutter: I think Lesnar wins this one. I think his wrestling will be the deciding factor.

Cub Swanson: I think Lesnar is definitely worried about getting hit. That’s what makes me think he’s gonna win. He will quickly get the fight to the ground and get to the ground-and-pound finish in the first round.

Yves Edwards: This fight is all about the takedown. If Brock can secure the takedown and control, he wins. Problem with that is he’s going to have to do that and get the sub or do that for five rounds. Alistair has to stop the takedown and look for the KO. We’ve seen Brock take a beating and come back from it; we’ve also seen him get beaten and break. I think Overeem can break him, but will he? My pick is Overeem.

Benji Radach: I’m going to say Lesnar by smothering/suffocation/ground-and-pound, unless he wants to have a standup war with a K-1 champ (laughs). Not sure that’s the best idea.

Michael Guymon: We all know that Lesnar would be a human piñata if he were to try and stand with Overeem. There is no secret where Brock wants this fight to end up. This is simple to call. If it goes to the ground, Brock takes it. If this fight stays on the feet, Overeem takes it.

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