Frankie Edgar talks bout with Bendo at UFC Japan

“Being a champion in this sport ensures you never run out of challenges,” Edgar said. “With every fight, my confidence grows. I begin to feel like a champion more and more every day. The UFC is the best organization in the world. And if you are the best here, you’re the best in the world, without a doubt.

“I think Ben Henderson deserves this title shot,” Edgar said. “The lightweight division is one of the deepest and one most closely contested weight classes in the UFC, and (Ben) came in and beat three top ranked guys. If you match up any one of the guys ranked 1 through 10, those fights can go a lot of different ways. He has an exciting style, always brings the fight and I know this is going to be great for the fans.

“Fighting in Japan is going to present some challenges, but I’m excited. There is a 12-hour difference and fighting in a foreign land isn’t easy, but I’m looking forward to it. I was able to be a part of the UFC’s first trip to Abu Dhabi, and it will be nice, 10 years down the road, to know I was able to be a part of this story when the UFC goes to Japan.”

“Those types of performances definitely show toughness and makes it exciting for the fans, but I don’t want to make a habit of if,” Edgar said. “But if that is what it takes for me to get the win, I’ll do it every time.

“I always say fans are going to see a better Frankie Edgar than they did the last fight. That means I’ve done my work, put the time in and I’ve improved. My goal every time out is to be a better fighter and that is what I’m going to continue to do.”

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