King Mo Lawal talks “boring” Mousasi and “B-Team” Rampage (Video)

After his second round TKO last night, ‘King Mo’ Lawal was questioned at the post-fight press conference about what might be next for him and “subpar actor” Rampage Jackson was on his list.

“Don’t say Mousasi’s name or I’m going to fall asleep,” Lawal said. “He’s the most boring person in MMA. If they want me to beat Mousasi, or ‘Kermit’, up, I’ll do it.”

“It’s like this, if he wants to come to Strikeforce and get beat, he can,” Lawal said about Rampage. “He needs to stick to acting and doing movies, cause to me in my mind and in my eyes, he ain’t got it no more. He can hit me up on Twitter and talk trash, try to get me off my game, but we all know the truth.”

“He’s a actor, a subpar actor. He should be on the B-team not the A-Team.”


King Mo Lawal

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