Johny Hendricks “I want [Condit] to hear that I want to fight him”

Johny Hendricks joined MMAJunkie radio moments ago and revealed that he wants to fight Carlos Condit to see who the real number one contender is.

“I know Carlos Condit, he’s a tough fighter but so am I and if he wants to fight anybody, it should be me”

Hendricks wasn’t scheduled to appear on MMAJunkie radio today, but rang up himself after hearing Carlos Condit had called out Martin Kampmann.

“I want him to hear that I want to fight him.” said Hendricks. “If i’m going to have to fight, let’s do the real number one contender fight”

“Kampmann is out for 2 months, I don’t want to have to wait for him”

Carlos Condit had originally said that he wanted to wait for GSP to “unify” the belts, but with Georges injury dragging on and on and the fans becoming increasingly restless, it seems that Condit will defend the Interim belt before the end of the year.

“The guy that has the interm belt is bypassing me”

“He [Condit] has done a couple of interviews where he’s mentioned everyone but me.”

Johny Hendricks is currently 13-1 (8-1 UFC) with his only loss coming in 2010 via decision against Rick “The Horror” Story

“We’ve talked about late September/early October”

“I heard he was back in the gym training so that’s enough time for both of us”


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