Michael Bisping: Sonnen thought Anderson was injured and I was in

Last week a rumour floated that Anderson Silva was for whatever reason not going to fight Chael P. Sonnen; instead, Michael Bisping would be brought in for a rematch, Bisping’s knee injury not being as severe as widely believed.

It turns out, at least once source of the rumor was Sonnen himself, as related by Michael Bisping on UFC Tonight on Tuesday.

Kenny Florian: “You recently received a text message from one Chael Sonnen, and it’s a little peculiar… we’ll let you tell the story, he reaches out to you and says, ‘are we going to have another fight?'”

Michael Bisping: “The thing is, to be honest, direct messages on Twitter, it’s personal, it’s private and I think it would be improper of me to divulge that information.

“But, when have you known me to do the proper thing? (Takes out cell phone).

“So here we have the information (checks messages). I was actually sat in the doctors surgery* when this came through.

“The message said: (reads cell phone message from Chael) ‘Alright man, here’s my guess. You’re not hurt, and we’re rematching. If I’m right, give me a clue in your next tweet: Include the word ‘lad’.

“And I’m sat in the doctor’s surgery and I’m like ‘What in the Hell is this guy talking about?’

“Obviously, he’s quaking in his boots at the thought of a rematch, because he knows I won the last fight, and he doesn’t want to fight me again. Then, another one came through, ‘Alright, conspiracy is theory over. Get well soon.'”

Check out the segment below


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