Jeff Monson out, Ivan Salaverry in against Fraser Opie at Cage Contender

Cage Contender Light Heavyweight Title challenger Fraser “The Omen” Opie will face a new opponent on 21st July after original match up Jeff Monson has pulled out due to not being able to make the agreed weight.

Monson’s UK representatives contacted Ferguson Sports Group a week ago claiming that Monson had a virus and was unable to train.

They requested that the bout be moved to a non title catch weight of 215 Lbs which was put to the Opie camp. After a few days of offers and discussions Fraser and his camp agreed to 215 lbs rather than lose the fight altogether. Since this was accepted and relayed to the UK representative things have gone cold.

“This is a totally unacceptable situation caused solely by the Monson camp. The fight was agreed, and then he supposedly has a virus and was unable to train so we worked with Fraser’s camp and change to the weight requested. Now after days of chasing I get an email from Jeff personally and he tells me that even though he agreed to fight Opie months ago he can’t go from Heavy to Light Heavy then get back to Heavy for his next fight. No mention of the supposed virus that we were told about from his UK rep. Then in the next line I am told he will still come across to fulfil the seminars that he had asked us to sell on his behalf. This situation and the way they have handled it shows massive disregard to Irish fight fans and totally disrespect towards Fraser Opie.

My immediate concern is finding a replacement to face Opie for the Light Heavyweight Title, he has put in a massive training camp for this fight plus his fans, family and friends have booked flights and hotels to come to Ireland and watch him fight” – John Ferguson

An understandably angry Opie took time out from his training camp at Xtreme Couture, Las Vegas to give his reply

“I’m really disappointed in Jeff Monson, he has had more than enough time to make weight. I have been at Xtreme Couture in Vegas training my nuts off this fight; getting taken down a million times a day in preparation is not what I call fun!

Jeff is unprofessional, he was meant to fight Darren Towler, who had been in a ten week training camp, on Made 4 the Cage in Newcastle and didn’t even call or turn up as M1 Global offered him a better fight.

Jeff is nearing the end of his career, why come up with this pipe dream of fighting at 205lb when
a. He’s not going to make weight
b. What’s the point if you’re not going to pursuit a career at that weight?

Yeah he may be a superstar in his world but doesn’t mean you can shit on other fighters and promoters” – Fraser ‘The Omen’ Opie


Update: Moments ago Cage Contender revealed via twitter that UFC veteran 41 year old Ivan Salaverry has agreed to step in for Monson on short notice, and will take on Opie in Dublin

“UFC vet Ivan Salaverry will now fight Fraser Opie on 21 July” – @cagecontender

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