McGregor is “elite compared to the elites”

Conor McGregor
Before the biggest fight of his career against Dennis Siver on Sunday night, Conor McGregor was part of an in-depth sports science show which went out on American TV last night. ‘UFC Rising: Conor McGregor’ airs on Setanta tonight at 9pm and it looks pretty interesting.

McGregor was tested in terms of speed, balance and movement at the Centre for Sport Performance at Cal State University Fullerton as part of the documentary.

According to the study It took “The Notorious” just 0.3 of a second to land a jab and 0.5 of a second to land a spinning kick which they say will generate 38% more force.

McGregor is said to have broken a lab record for the balance measuring stabilometer. He spent 39 seconds with his weight balanced in the centre of the device, taking six seconds off the record set by pro surfer Keanu Asing. While his angular velocity went to 800 per second degrees compared to Rory McIlroy who measured 720 degrees per second.

Professor of Kinesiology at the university, Dr. Andy Galpin, was more than impressed with McGregor’s output saying; “All we test in our lab is elite level athletes. So what we found out today is not that Conor is elite. He’s elite compared to the elites.”

“He has exceptional balance. He’s got amazing movement, he generates movement in the exact right places. He’s incredibly fast and very powerful.

We don’t see all that in one package ever.”

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