Irish MMA Amateur Prospect – James Gallagher


In the second edition of our Irish MMA Amateur Prospect watch we will take a look at SBG Ireland’s James Gallagher.

James is 18 years old and was born and raised in Strabane. He began training with Strabane Fight Team on his 12th birthday before moving to Straight Blast Gym at 15. He moved to Dublin to train full time and live with coach John Kavanagh when he was 16.

James made his amateur debut at 13 years old and has compiled an impressive 13-3 amateur record, which includes the old C-Class amateur rules bouts which disallowed heel hooks, neck cranks, elbows to the head and head shots to grounded opponents.

Since moving to SBG and under the new amateur rules that have been in place since 2011, Gallagher has gone 6-0 while jumping between featherweight and lightweight.

The “Strabanimal” is known for his ground game but he has shown in recent bouts that his striking and all round game is improving rapidly from fight to fight and he plans to turn professional by the end of this year.

He is also the owner of an unusual 1 second submission victory after his opponent tapped out on the ground right after the 1st round bell sounded at Cage Contender 18 in Belfast in April 2014

“MMA Kid”

James Gallagher vs Jaroslaw Manaj

James Gallagher vs Denis Ahern

James Gallagher vs Matt Mullen

Post-Fight Interview after Matt Mullen bout at Cage Warriors 70

James Gallagher vs Eamon Clinton (Fight Highlights and Interview)

UPDATE: James Gallagher vs Shaun Donnelly at UXC Fight Night 3

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