SBG Ireland’s Kiefer Crosbie going for gold at IMMAF Amateur World Championships


As one of the four members of Team SBG Ireland heading for Las Vegas in July to compete at IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA, Kiefer Crosbie has his sights firmly-set on gold.

With over ten weeks to go before the tournament commences as part of the UFC’s International Fight Week, the 25-year-old welterweight has already begun preparations in earnest for what he says will be his swansong in the amateur ranks.

In a similar vein to his more lionised SBG stablemates, Crosbie exudes an assuredness which is decidedly-compelling. So, when he proclaims, without the slightest hesitation, that he and his team will leave the world’s fight capital with a gold medals hanging from their necks, you tend to believe him.

“It’s me, James Gallagher, Sinead Kavanagh and Frans Mlambo who are going,” he told Severe MMA. “We’ll be going there as a team, staying together there as a team and winning as team.”

The Dubliner has seven amateur fights to his name, with a record of 4-3, which may not look stellar, but to him, only represents a series of numbers which cannot denote the wealth of knowledge he has amassed in that time. This, he says, will not only benefit him at the championships but when he progresses to the professional scene.

“I’m just trying to gain as much experience as possible at amateur; make all my mistakes now so when I turn pro there’ll be no more mistakes or losses on my record.

“We (Team Ireland) will win – 100%, that’s a guarantee. And we will turn pro, that’s a guarantee as well. I think this end of the beginning for me; the end of my amateur stint. I’ve amateur long enough now, and only really rewarded with experience,” he said

Crosbie first walked through the doors of SBG close to five years ago as an accomplished boxer and kick-boxer, looking to make the transition to MMA. With three first round submission finishes on his resume, it would appear the process was relatively seamless. He attributes this to the calibre of his coaches training partners.

“I have the best team in the world. It’s why I love SBG; I have the best teammates in the world and I’m very grateful to train with them every day and learn from all of them. I think we have the best amateur team as well, not just the professionals.”

Indeed, the week beginning on Tuesday, July 5th, for the start of just the second IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA, and culminating six days later with Conor McGregor’s featherweight title bout against Jose Aldo, is shaping up to the most significant in SBG’s history.

With the entire MMA universe fixated on the five day carnival planned by the UFC, the team’s prowess will never have been under such scrutiny. Between Crosbie and his amateur cohorts, Gunnar Nelson, who faces John Hathaway, and McGregor, the methods of John Kavanagh will be regular talking points. For Crosbie, it’s nothing more than an ample opportunity to showcase their wares.

“At these championships I think the Irish team is going to prove that amateur Irish MMA is the best in the world. I’ve never seen a standard so high anywhere in the world. When you go to an event, you don’t know if it’s amateur or professional, the standard is that high. So when we go over to Vegas, we’re going to take over and show Irish amateur MMA is among the best in the world.”

Last year the tournament boasted over 100 fighters from 22 different countries, while proving a roaring success. The entire event will be streamed live on UFC Fight Pass and shown on terrestrial American television, and concludes at the Fan Expo at the Sands Convention Centre.

Crosbie expects to travel to Vegas in early June for a solid month’s preparation with the rest of the SBG convoy before laying waste to all in his path; “I’ll be training with world champions and professionals every day, so whoever they put in front of me I’m going to finish.”

Kiefer Crosbie is hoping to secure sponsorship for the IMMAF World Championships of Amateur MMA which will be broadcast to a global audience on a variety of mediums. Please contact him through Facebook or Twitter.

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