What a win or loss means for the Irish fighters in UFC Dublin


Over the last couple of days, rumours have been circulating that the Ultimate Fighting Championship is planning on cutting upwards of fifty people off of its roster over the coming weeks with names like Eddie Gordon, TJ Waldberger and Soa Palelei already departing the company. So, with UFC Dublin coming up it might be a good time to take a look at the Irish fighters on the card and what a win or loss would do to their place in the world’s premier fighting organization.

Joseph Duffy

Although a loss on Saturday wouldn’t put Duffy’s place on the UFC roster in jeopardy, a win would make a huge difference for him. Fighting Dustin Poirier, a man ranked in the division’s top-15, Duffy has a chance to elevate himself into those rankings with a win. And in the notoriously large and tough lightweight division, that’s not always an easy task.

Paddy Holohan

Similar to Duffy, Paddy Holohan is at a place where a loss won’t get him cut and a win should get him ranked. And for Holohan, in the extremely light flyweight division, a place in the rankings could earn him a title shot within two or three fights because of how many guys have already had a shot, and lost to, champion Demetrious Johnson.

Norman Parke

Coming into Saturday night it’s Ulsterman Norman Parke who is undoubtedly in most need of a win. Parke started off his career in increasingly impressive fashion but two losses in a row recently have been major setbacks. In another division, Parke might not be worried too much but in a lightweight division with over 100 fighters losing three in a row is very risky.

Aisling Daly

Currently at 1-1 in the UFC, WMMA veteran Aisling Daly isn’t at risk of getting cut with a loss and probably won’t move forward too much with a win against the relatively green newcomer Ericka Almeida. It is important, though, for Daly to get a win here to start a streak of victories to excel her towards the top of the division.

Neil Seery

Currently 2-2 in the UFC and 36 years of age, it’s hard to not see a loss here having some possibility of being Seery’s last in the UFC. But I think it’s very unlikely. The Team Ryano man is one of the most exciting fighters in the least exciting division who has an opponent on Saturday that should meet him in the centre and trade. Add that to the fact he has already become somewhat of a cult fan favourite and Seery should be safe in the UFC for another while.

Cathal Pendred

Outside of Norman Parke, Cathal Pendred is probably the most anxious about his fight on Saturday night. Even though the SBG man is 4-1 in the company, a loss in his last fight along with a couple questionable decisions and poor performances have made him somewhat of an easy target for fans’ ire. Although a loss would only take Pendred to 4-2 and shouldn’t really put him in jeopardy, with the current spate of cuts you just never know

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