“Wonderboy” believes he will have psychological advantage over Woodley; says management close to agreeing rematch


Speaking on this week’s Talking Brawls. the number one ranked welterweight contender, Stephen Thompson, believes he has a psychological advantage over Tyron Woodley ahead of their rematch next year.

The pair threw down at UFC 205 for the welterweight title in a five round thriller last month in MSG, New York. The bout ended a majority draw, with Woodley retaining his title.

“He knows that he’s got to be on point; he knows he’s got to be in shape in order to step out there with me. He knows that I can take his best punch.

“Other guys he fought, he’s knocked them out with that punch. He knows I can take it. Of course I don’t want to get hit by it again, but he knows if it does happen, he’s still in for a rough night.”

Thompson admitted that Tyron Woodley was close to finishing him in the forth round, the champion locked in a tight guillotine choke on the Simpsonville based fighter, but Thompson refused to submit. When asked if he thought he would have a mental advantage after surviving that onslaught, the South Carolina native believes he will.

“I think so. Now that’s something he mentally has to think about, knowing that. Not just him but other opponents. If you step out there with me, and that’s just how I’ve been since day one. I try and give it all I got, there’s no giving up in me.

“If you step out there with me it’s going to be rough. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose, It’s going to be tough. He knows that if he steps out with me there with me that it’s going to be very hard to finish me.”

The rematch is yet to be officially confirmed but Thompson said that his management team were close to finalizing a date for the rematch.

“From the looks of it, we are going to get a rematch. From the way Tyron and the UFC are talking it looks as if it’s going to happen.

“Directly after the fight Dana was already saying I get the next shot. Like I say.. we have unfinished business, everybody knows that and from the looks on social media that’s the fight everybody wants to see.

“As of right now, this is it man, my management team are going through negotiations and things. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ it’s happening, it’s a matter of ‘when’ it’s happening.”

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