Callum Mullen talks amateur accolades and upcoming his professional debut

Every journey begins with a single step and a path down into the MMA world is no different. A decorated amateur in his own right, Callum Mullen (9-1) has reached the top spot of the UK MMA amateur featherweight rankings.

Having bounced back from his only loss – a split decision defeat to former top spot holder Connor Hitchens – with a stoppage victory over Mark Smith (3-2) earlier this year, Mullen and his team at AVT found that now is the time for the talented youngster to step up to the professional leagues. With a clear path in mind, the ten-fight veteran felt more than ready for the challenge.

“My last fight was against a top opponent on a big show, which is a show I will be looking to fight on in the future,” Mullen told. “I believe every fight I’ve had as an amateur has been a tough fight and fought the best and beat the best. I’m young, I’m confident and I work hard every day. I know what I want to do in the sport, so I might as well crack on with it.”

As aforementioned, reaching the number one ranking in the UK is no small accolade to obtain, but an accolade Mullen is keen to put behind him. With December 1st fast approaching, to hang on to past achievements would not be wise, as the 145-pounder feels a blank slate – however, Mullen feels that will not be for long.

“Being ranked number one for me was a big achievement,” Callum boasted. “But now I’m at the bottom of the pros and I’m going to build myself up. I want to be taking out these guys all around the world that are going to help get my name out there and rank me number one as a professional.

“Between this move up and amateur, nothing has changed at all. Even when I was an amateur I trained harder than most professionals and still do to this day.”

Funnily enough, Callum is the second of three Mullen brothers to be making his professional debut. Along with older brother, the undefeated professional middleweight Kevin (4-0) and an undefeated amateur lightweight in younger brother Tom (6-0), there might not be a more prospective set of brother’s active in UK MMA right now, nor ever before.

One can only imagine how this pack mentality can enhance each other’s growth in the gym and Callum feels the motivation beaming between the trio only helps push them to become better athletes.

“Kevin, Tom and myself all started together,” Mullen informed. “We train hard every day and we push each other to get better. I get motivated watching my brothers get better. We all love what we do and have the same passion. We have a big family that supports us and pushes us to do well. My fiancée is a big motivation for me too. She’s always helping me and pushing me to get better and better myself.”

As the end of 2018 looms, Callum intends to make a statement come this Saturday versus Linas Meistavicius at Caged Steel 22 and his plans for 2019 will then be set in motion. A lot can happen in twelve months and the featherweight plans to make the most of the time ahead.

“This will be my second fight this year,” Callum began. “In 2019, I’m looking to make it 5-0 and take out some names, look to get my name out there and start looking for these world title fights. My dream would be to fight in the UFC for a title and get to the highest level I can. It all starts on December 1st and I can’t wait to get chasing these goals.”

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