The Rise of Online Casino Sponsorships in MMA

In the current world, people are drowning in advertisements. In this regard, online casinos operators usually try to follow the trends to boost their visiting rate, get more bets and improve their revenue. This quest has led online casinos into sports sponsorship. Recently, the number of online casinos signing deals with top MMA athletes has been on the rise. 

The MMA has become attractive because its popularity has also been on the rise. Moreover, the fighters’ fee is growing dramatically, and the TV audience has hit tens of millions. The popularity of MMA stars on social media is also enviable. The aggressive sport has excellent odds, and every fight is impressive and “gory.” The fights also never end in a draw. How will the online casino sponsorships in MMA turn out? Read on to find out.

Online casinos

At the moment, online casinos are arguably the fastest-growing businesses. Since Microgaming launched the first online casino in 1994, the industry has been on a continual upward trend. The industry has grown into one of the most lucrative businesses globally. 

The popularity of online casinos has led to the emergence of many online casino operators. As a result, competition for clients has become very stiff. Every online casino is trying to outdo the other by coming up with unique products and services. 

In the quest to outdo each other, online casinos spend millions of dollars in their marketing. It is these millions and aggressive marketing strategies that have attracted online casino operators to sports sponsorship. 

What about MMA?

Mixed Martial Arts fights normally attract a considerable number of fans in the halls as well as millions on television. However, many MMA fans might not know that the game has its roots in ancient times. The first mention of combat with MMA style dates back to 648 BC. The Greeks also used to compete in pankration in the ancient Olympic Games. Pankration was a mixture of fist-fighting and wrestling.  

The fight has evolved over the years, especially in the Roman Empire. Nowadays, the game has evolved and incorporates many rules. The fierce combat game has attracted an enormous number of fans worldwide. This has made it attractive to sponsors looking to promote their brands. 

MMA and Online Casinos

Many sports pundits believe that MMA and online casinos are a match made in heaven. The sponsorship deals in MMA are different from those in other sports. Here, online casinos sign deals with athletes. There are several examples of MMA athletes signing contracts with online casinos. 

One example involves UFC star Mackenzie Dern that specializes in jiu-jitsu. In the deal with an online casino, she lets the casino use her image on its website and social media platforms. The operator will also use her image in promotions and other giveaways like autographed items. 

In other instances, the contract entails the athletes receiving extra cash from the sponsors. The size of such benefits is directly proportional to the athlete’s popularity and performance. More online casinos are looking for famous MMA athletes to be the face of their brands. Soon, you will see more contracts being signed. Therefore, the popularity of online casinos and MMA athletes sponsorship deals will only keep growing.      

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