‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor documentary set to air in the US on FOX Sports


Our original ‘Notorious’ Conor McGregor documentary which followed Conor before, during and after his bout with Max Holloway in Boston last year will air in America on Fox Sports on the 8th of January.

Here is the announcement from Irish national broadcaster RTÉ..

“The Notorious, the documentary about mixed martial artist Conor McGregor which was produced by Motive Television and shown on RTÉ2 earlier this year, is to be screened by Fox Sports in the US in January.

IFTN reports that the film will be shown by Fox Sports on January 8, with McGregor’s next fight set to take place in Boston on January 18.

The Patrick Timmons Ward-directed documentary is now available to buy at stores across Ireland.

McGregor will be back on RTÉ Two in The Notorious – The Series in the New Year.

Series Producer Jamie D’Alton said: “We are delighted that Fox Sports have acquired our Conor McGregor documentary The Notorious. The documentary gives a rare insight into one of Ireland’s most talked about sportspeople, showcasing Conor’s unique blend of talent, personality and self-belief.

“With a total reach of 90 million homes, Fox Sports is one of America’s largest sports networks and their decision to acquire the documentary for peak time demonstrates both the quality of the programme and how big of a star Conor McGregor has become.

“Motive Television are thrilled to continue to work with Conor and Severe MMA as we produce a follow-up six-part series for RTÉ2, giving Conor McGregor fans exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the ultra-competitive world of the UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship].””


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