Drug Free Sport release statement on Jose Aldo’s drug test debacle


Drug testing organisation Drug Free Sport have released a statement after their representative Ben Mosier was unable to collect the sample from Jose Aldo at his gym Nova Uniao as planned last month.

When Ben Mosier attempted to collect a urine sample as part of the random testing program and Aldo complied with the tester at first until his coach Andre Pederneiras got involved and called the police and the Brazilian commission.

The statement (via MMAFighting.com) says that their representative Mosier did in fact have the correct paperwork including a 10 year work visa that was issued by the Brazilian Consulte back in 2012.

“In early June 2015, Drug Free Sport was engaged by the Nevada State Athletic Commission (“NSAC”) to conduct a single urine test for an athlete in Brazil. Drug Free Sport’s preparation and execution of the testing event in Brazil complied with ethical best practices in anti-doping collections. Proper work visa applications detailing Drug Free Sport’s job functions were submitted to the Brazilian Consulate in Chicago, Illinois on June 18, 2012, and a ten year work visa was issued by the Consulate and relied upon by the Drug Free Sport collector in subsequent testing events. Drug Free Sport does not comment on client program specifics related to any collection event, but the NSAC, the UFC and Drug Free Sport were diligent in their effort to ensure a fair and ethical collection event in Brazil.” – Drug Free Sport COO Chris Guinty

The next day Aldo took a non random urine test and Nevada Athletic Commission executive director Bob Bennett told MMAFighting.com that the results of that will only be made public if he failed.


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