Brennan Ward: “I am out there to end it as quickly as possible every time”


‘Irish’ Brennan Ward (11-3) faces Dennis Olson (14-9) next week at Bellator 144 in welterweight feature bout. Ward is coming off a ‘Knockout of the Year’ candidate win in his last outing in the Bellator cage against Roger Carroll and was hoping for one more fight before he is next in line for the welterweight title.

Ward is as fan friendly a performer as you could hope to see, in his 14 fights only one has gone the distance, all of his finishes come inside two rounds he says he fights to finish not just to win, a trait he proudly links to his family’s Irish roots.

“The Irish history in my family, the tough fighting heritage is a huge part of me. I fight to finish every time! I don’t fight to win decisions. I look to go out and fight. No glorified sparring, I am out there to end it as quickly as possible every time.”

Only a generation removed from Donegal, Brennan embraces his Irish heritage with pride. Residing on the east coast, right in the heart of Boston Celtic country Ward is constantly reminded of his roots.

On October 23rd Brennan will fight in front of his home fans against Dennis ‘The Menace’ Olson. Olson’s last outing was a second round loss at the hands of Paul ‘Semtex’ Daly and Ward, who was hoping for a potential title shot with another win, is very honest in his assessment of this fight.

“I would have liked a higher ranked opponent for this fight, to make the call for a title shot. Dennis isn’t the opponent to get me that. He is a tough guy with a good ground game but I am not worried…Never worried ever! I have been competing my whole life whether wrestling or judo. Look, he’s not going to want to stand up with me and my wrestling is better than his grappling…he’s screwed all over the place and I don’t not finish fights! I tend not to think about things too much. I go out and react to the flow of the fight. The knockout (of Roger Carroll) was muscle memory, it was flush, perfect I don’t have to overthink and it keeps me sharp. I am visualising a second round finish in this fight second minute of the second round.”

Ward is also astute enough to accept that if this opponent isn’t a direct step to the title that he needs to go out and put on a dominating performance.

“I have got to go out there and shut him down, completely. Daly gave up some takedowns, I won’t. Everywhere the fight goes I am going to be looking to finish. I need to make a statement with this fight to remind Bellator I am knocking at the door. But, I have been there before. I challenged for the middle weight title and know what it is to get to the big fights. I can’t look past Dennis, but everywhere we go he’ll be thinking “oh fuck!””

A win for Ward at Bellator 144 sets up a couple of potential title eliminator fights that should have the UK taking notice. With British standout Michael ‘Venom’ Page also fighting on the card could a showdown between these two lead to a World Title fight? Or a tilt with Paul ‘Semtex’ Daly? Perhaps, but what is for certain is that either fight is worth staying up til 3:00am to watch live or a potential co-main or main event on a Bellator UK card!

“I have fought on a card with Michael and Paul. Both of them are good guys, we had a laugh, but I wouldn’t have a problem facing either of them and I am sure they’d take that fight.”

Ward believes that MVP would be the more lucrative fight and the most fun for MMA fans.

“Page isn’t the most popular guy (with the fans) over here. You know with his cocky attitude and style? People keep saying to me ‘you gotta go and shut Page down, Ward’d shut Page down!’ Honestly I get along with Mike, we see each other at shows we’re tight, we’re cool, we joke around. But, it is a business and I see myself matching up well with MVP. I think MVP is a huge fight that people around the world will want to see. We match up well! We’re both loud and outgoing confident , borderline cocky the both of us. Michael has that unknown he’s so damn fast …More people want to watch Warren and Page than almost any other combination in the division. Everyone would assume that I’d hunt the takedown… who wouldn’t want to see that fight… I’d want to see that fight (laughs). I am sure we’d both get paid well for that fight!

Dennis Olson is next, but this Irish American knows that a performance here could set up an excellent opportunity for him to derail the MVP express and stake his claim to the Bellator World Title.

By SteveCA_MMA

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