Lukasz Chlewicki ahead of Norman Parke at KSW 43 “I’ll use every moment in this fight to finish”

With a bout coming up against Norman Parke at KSW 43, Łukasz Chlewicki will be looking to turn his recent run of losses around. The Polish fighter is currently on a three-fight losing streak, however he is confident he can turn it around on April 14th.

Łukasz has respect for Parke, he said of his opponent “Norman Parke is an experienced and dangerous fighter that’s why I’m glad that I can fight him.”

The Poland native discussed his approach for his opponent, “I train for this fight just like any other, on different levels to be ready for anything.” However, he didn’t give much away when asked about his game plan for the fight “as for the “game plan” I don’t want to reveal it before the fight

Łukasz has fought some tough competitors in his career prior to Parke. The Polish fighter has come up against the likes of Paul Daley, Paul Redmond and Damien Maia, when asked about how Parke compares to these names, Łukasz stated “Each of these fighters have a strong position in MMA. Regarding Parke the fight at KSW 43 will verify if he is as good as my previous rivals.”

Despite being on the back of three losses, most recently by split decision against Irishman Paul Redmond, Chlewicki isn’t looking beyond this bout and he isn’t thinking about his previous defeats “I’m moving forward without looking back,” he said “First of all the main aim is to win, but only time will tell what the future holds.”

The Pole emphasized the importance of learning from previous fights “Every fight I have fought whether it was win or lose was important to me and each of them had an impact on where I am now.”

He finalized by stating that he is not looking past this fight and will be looking to finish this upcoming bout strongly

Fighting with Norman at this moment is a priority for me,” he said, “I’ll use every moment in this fight to finish it ahead of time, if it fails I’ll do everything to finish it victorious in the end. First of all, the main aim is to win, but only time will tell what the future holds.”