O’Gorman on Bouland “I was cracking the guy in every exchange and truly believe a rematch would go a lot differently”

Not many fighters get the chance to gain international acclaim for a highlight reel finish early into their careers, Darren O’Gorman is one such individual. The Irishman scored a sensational buzzer beating submission in his last outing that gained him worldwide attention.

O’Gorman, who fights under the Cage Warriors banner relived the moment “He had only landed one jab before looking to take it to the ground. I went looking for his neck on the take down and heard a little heavy breathing at the start and used it to maintain position once I realised it would not finish the fight.” O’Gorman continued

“We had a good back and forth battle when he went for my legs which we were expecting from him. Thought at one point I might get the finish myself with the toe hold but used it to take top position. Once I passed I knew I was in control. I’ve yet to get there on an opponent and not finish the fight.”

Darren was full of praise for his team following his incredible victory:

I put it down to my coaches and the people I train with everyday in the gym, I’m up against it every day with guys with much superior BJJ then my opponent presented me if I can hang with them then I knew this wouldn’t be an issue.”

“I knew this wouldn’t be an issue. Also, my mentality is to be able to finish a fight from any position I’m in on the floor. Having the knowledge built up gives me the confidence to not worry about wherever the fight goes” O’Gorman said.

Another factor in this victory is that it now places Darren back on the winning trail:

“It’s great to be back to winning ways. Going forward I want whatever fight takes me closer to that belt. I don’t see any other reason being here, I want to be the best in the division. My mind is on the next London show on July 21st!

When asked about where he sees himself in the division, especially with now former title-holder Nathaniel Wood having moved onto UFC, Darren stated “I see myself in reach of the title right now I have Bouland a hell of a lot more trouble than Reed gave him in his last fight I was cracking the guy in every exchange and truly believe a rematch would go a lot differently take away the two minute recovery he got during the 1st round!”

When asked on his feelings of making that step across to the UFC, O’Gorman said “I would like to make that step as soon as the opportunity becomes available but I’m still young I’m still improving every fight there’s no rush when it comes it comes!”

However, before thinking about the UFC, O’Gorman has stated he is eager to get back into the gym and ready for his next bout, though he is willing to take on any-comers.

I want whatever fight the matchmakers see is the next step for me to climb the ladder. I’m not focused on others, i’m focused on myself and getting that gold whoever is in front of me, let’s do it!”