Richard Kiely Interview: If Brazier asks me nicely I’ll give him a spanking

The Face Of BAMMA is now the Face Of Bellator as broke the news that former BAMMA welterweight title contender Richard Kiely has come out of retirement and signed with the American promotion.

Shortly after news broke, Kiely spoke to Sean Sheehan on the SevereMMA podcast premium and, as usual, had plenty to say.

“My BAMMA deal was up. In all honesty the retirement was genuine but there was nothing interesting me that much in BAMMA. Terrance [Brazier] was hiding as he does and I had the knee injury. Then Bellator got on to me and were interested;” Kiely said.

“I’m here in Bellator now and there’s no reason why I can’t make a bigger impact. I know people don’t like it but that’s their tough shit. I have the skillset to back it up. I genuinely think I’m the best striker in that welterweight divison.”

“I know MVP [Michael Paige] and [Paul] Daley are in there but I think both of their skillsets are one-dimensional.”

On that welterweight division, Kiely doesn’t see anything that scares him and is targeting all of the promotion’s big names.

“There’s no reason why I can’t go in and knock someone out if there’s an injury in that welterweight tournament.”

“I’m the dark horse. It happened to Daniel Cormier in Strikeforce, he jumped in and went on to win it. He came from nowhere. There’s no reason why I can’t do that.”

Meanwhile Kiely still has former BAMMA welterweight foe Terry Brazier in his sights.

“In BAMMA, the thing Terrance had was the titles and that’s why I went for him. Now that we’re in Bellator he’s a smaller fish than me. I’m the name now.”

“Terrance will take you down and dry hump you and give you little noogies on the head. That’s all he does. He’s deeply uninteresting as a person, he’s deeply uninteresting as a fighter and he has nothing to offer me. But if he asks me nicely I’ll give him a spanking.”

On his Bellator debut, Kiely is open to fighting anyone but does have his eye on Brazier again.

“I’ll fight any of those guys but I might make Terrence beg me. The tables have turned on him now. He’s the small fish now. He’s got no belts, he’s boring… Not many people are going to want to see him fight because he’s got nothing to offer. I think he’s going to be swallowed up on that Bellator roster.”

“Daley, MVP or Larkin I would like to fight and then Terrence if he asks me really nicely I’ll give him a hiding just as a warm-up.”

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