MMA Betting for Beginners

 MMA is one of the most fast-paced and exciting sports that you can watch (whether live, or on TV). But you can inject even more layers of excitement into the competitions by betting on the outcome. This is a great way to feel even more invested in the fight as it evolves, and is relatively straightforward too. Before you place that first bet, here is a quick guide to MMA betting for beginners, to ensure you know everything you need to know: 

Choose a Reputable Betting Website

There are many different sports betting and live casino websites to choose from, so it’s wise to look for one that has a good reputation and good reviews. Online betting is often much easier and more convenient than going to a high street betting shop but don’t rush into making a decision, if you’re not 100 percent comfortable. We recommend that you research the betting website you plan to use: often just googling their name can reveal a wealth of information, both positive and negative. 

Once you know where you’ll be placing your bet, your next big decision is who you’ll be placing your bet on. 

Pay Attention to the Weigh In

You may have never seen an MMA weigh in before, but most organisations will weigh both fighters in the 24 hours before their fight. This is a great opportunity to compare the competitors, not only in terms of their weight but also to gain an insight into their physical and mental state of mind. How strong they look, and how determined they are to succeed, can have a huge impact on the outcome of the fight. 

It’s important to note that weight cutting is very common across MMA. This is the practice of fighters losing as much weight as possible in the days leading up to the weigh in, so that they can weigh in at a lower weight than they actually are. Then after this weigh in they will bulk back up, replenishing their fluids and rebuilding their strength. So you may find that the lightest competitor at weigh in is not, in reality, the lightest competitor at the time of the fight. 

Experience Matters

MMA is a fast-developing sport, but it is also one where experience counts for a lot. If a fighter is used to fighting in a ring, for example, and has a good technique for ring fighting then they will often have an advantage in a ring fight over a fighter who has more experience of fighting in a cage. Familiar environment, technique, and the number of bouts they have already fought can all be used to help you decide which fighter is more likely to succeed, increasing your likelihood of placing a winning bet!

Betting on MMA fights is simple if you are already familiar with the sport. Just as playing slots online is simple if you’re a regular fan of playing the slots. However, if you are new to gambling and only used to spectating at MMA fights, it may take a while to work out what you are looking for when playing your bets. Remember to never bet more than you can afford to lose, and when gambling stops being fun it’s time to stop. 

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