Rick Story responds to accusations from Mike Pierce

Earlier in the week Mike Pierce accused Rick Story of beating up a rookie in the gym but Rick Story has responded strongly denying this and gave his side of the incident.


OK I figure this is one of the best places to start.  What Mike Pierce said about me hitting Abel when he was on a knee saying stop is BULL SHIT.  Abel wasn’t some random person off the street either. At the time he was 1-1 as a professional and had been training with us for 3 months.  He was a 4 time All-American for William Penn college in Iowa and actually beat me at nationals my first match my junior year at Southern Oregon University. What Mike also decided to forget to say is how many times Abel had tapped him that week in training (I think 2 by guillotine).

What Mike also forgot to admit was how well Abel did in sparring against Brad Blackburn (at the time current UFC welterweight).  Abel was new to our team but not new to the sport and not a poor defenseless kid.  Abel did have Vertigo and had taken time off.  Pat would not let him sparr without a doctors note saying he was cleared.  I had talked with Abel before the session and asked him how his Vertigo was doing, he said he was cleared but to be safe I told him I would only throw body shots.  We do sparr hard at BRAVE LEGION but not stupid.

I would never hit anyone that was telling me stop. Anyway we have a rule too, if someone is rocked drop the intensity down to 10% and only throw to the body so your partner can recover to continue and we don’t fall into the habit of stopping when someone is close to being finished.

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