Michael ‘The Count’ Bisping – “I deserve a title shot soon!”

“I am very confident I can stop him. I have been sparring with big guys and my power has improved.”I’m looking to put this guy away. He’s talked a lot of shit and I want to show him up and punish him for what he’s said.” Bisping told SkySports

Miller has only been stopped inside the distance once in his career so putting Miller away looks a very hard task.

He added: “I think I have a clear advantage in the boxing department. Miller can kick a bit, but his boxing and his hands aren’t very good.

“I have a clear advantage there and I am going to utilise my boxing. That said, I think I am a better wrestler, I am bigger and stronger as well and fitter, so generally I have him beaten in all areas.

“He has good jiu-jitsu, but I have addressed that in training and done a lot of ground work. Hand on heart, I truly believe I have him beaten in all areas.”

Miller had said that his friends are Bispings training partners are we’re feeding him information on Bispings camp.

“It’s absolute nonsense. I’ve had a small, but dedicated, quality camp with a lot of good guys.

“It is a sign that he is trying to unsettle my camp and accuse a few people. He thought I might fly off the handle when I heard and start accusing people or whatnot, but I just laughed. That’s absolute bullshit.” said ‘The Count’

When asked about a title shot, he said

“I deserve a title shot soon and I have been around the UFC a long time and I have only been stopped once in my career and I learnt a lot from that.

“I believe I am almost there. I don’t think a win over Miller gets me a title shot, but with another win it will establish me as one of the top contenders in the middleweight division.”

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