Former management sues Overeem on eve of UFC debut

Knock Out Investments, better known as Dutch fight management firm Golden Glory, filed a lawsuit in Clark County, Nevada, Thursday alleging Alistair Overeem breached the terms of a five-year contract with the group that runs through July 2012.

The complaint, a copy of which has obtained, also names Overeem’s representative Collin Lam as a defendant. The filing comes one day prior to the Overeem’s headlining clash against Brock Lesnar at UFC 141 in Las Vegas.

“We have a legal team,” Lam told “We have a great law firm in Las Vegas. A great law firm in L.A. So they’re taking care of everything.”

Overeem is alleged to not have paid a 30 percent commission to Knock Out Investments following his win in Strikeforce against Fabricio Werdum on June 18, 2011.

Rather than following the arrangement Overeem and KOI used in previous bouts — a promoter pays KOI which in turn cuts a check to the fighter — Overeem was directly paid his purse and win bonus totaling $170,000, which is standard practice when Zuffa LLC promotes events.

Six weeks after beating Werdum, Zuffa, which purchased Strikeforce in March, released Overeem from the final fight of this three-bout deal with Strikeforce.


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