Overeem ‘The pressure is the same for Lesnar’

“Well, I’ve been fighting in the States before because I fought for Strikeforce, I believe four or five times,” said Overeem on the UFC 141 Conference Call.

“Pressure, I don’t really see it as pressure. Of course, UFC is a hundred times bigger than Strikeforce. UFC is huge and there is a lot of media attention on it.”

“But the thing is, the nice aspect about me is the bigger the fight, the bigger the media attention, the more people come to watch, the better that I am. So the bigger it is, the better for me.”

“Is there pressure to fight in UFC? Of course there is pressure, but that pressure is the same pressure that is on Brock. I mean, one of us is going to take a step up and one of us is going to take a step down,” Overeem stated.

The full Conference Call can be found here

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