Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson weighs-in at 197lbs ahead of UFC 142

Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson has weighed-in at 197lbs ahead of his UFC 142 bout with Vitor Belfort. Vitor has agreed to fight on condition Johnson doesn’t weigh any more than 205lbs before the fight.

UFC president Dana White will not be happy with ‘Rumble’ Johnson. He has missed weight twice before as a UFC fighter while attempting to fight at 170lbs. Could it be 3 strikes and your out if Antony Johnson loses to Vitor Belfort tomorrow night?

UFC’s official twitter has said

“Vitor has agreed to fight Rumble provided he doesn’t weigh more than 205 tomorrow. Again, Vitor (186 lbs) will get 20% of Johnson’s purse.”


You can watch the entire weigh-in video by clicking here

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