King Mo explains how easily Staph Infection can kill

“There was a kid that wrestled for Pittsburgh, I’ll never forget him. He was a tough 187  pounder, a returning All American. He was gonna be coming back the same year I was gonna be a senior, and I thought ‘F*ck, I’m gonna have to wrestle this kid.’ Well, in a freestyle match, he dropped  his contact lense out of his eye. It hit the mat, and he picked it up, licked it, and put it back in his eye. A week and a half later,  he died from staph infection. It started in his eye and went straight back through his brain. Staph infections are not to be joked with. I’ve had staph infections where I’ve had to get antibiotic IVs. Once you get antibiotic IVs, trying to work out afterward, is a joke, because you’ll gas. It’ll kill you. I had it on my face before. It was painful, and it paralyzed part of my face. It looked like I had Bell’s Palsy. I looked like Two Face. I couldn’t chew. I could barely blink.  I had a big hole in my face that was oozing pus. I’d never wish that on anybody.”

Mo Lawal vs. Lorenz Larkin takes place this Saturday night on the Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Jardine card in Las Vegas.

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