Michael Bisping “[Sonnen] has one testicle. This is why he uses PEDs.”

Michael Bisping and Chael Sonnen will square off on Saturday night at UFC on FOX 2 in Chicago. Due to Mark Munoz getting injured, the Bisping vs Sonnen hype train and trash talking hasn’t had a chance to really take off until now.

“Okay. One. Let’s start with the obvious. He’s not the middleweight champion. He’s been beaten many, many times. He’s been submitted more times than I care to mention. Not to mention, the last time he lost a fight by submission, there were some issues involving performance enhancing drugs. I don’t know what the deal is. Apparently, he has one testicle. One testicle! This is why he uses performance enhancing drugs. He’s gonna need more than one little ball to fight me next weekend!”

“He’s gonna try and take me down, lay on top of me and smother me to death. Me, on the other hand, I will be arriving to fight this guy. I’m gonna look to knock him out. Of course. I call my fights. It’s not gonna be easy. He’s a tough opponent. I’m sure it’s gonna be an amazing fight. All joking aside, it’s gonna be a tough fight.”

“It’s gonna be a tough fight, but I’m ready. I’ve trained very, very hard. I’m looking forward to the challenge and it’s a massive opportunity as well.”


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