King Mo Lawal released from Strikeforce

Earlier today the NSAC announced that Lawal was suspended for nine months, fined $39,000 (30% percent of his $80,000 show purse, and 100% of his $15,000 win bonus), the win has been changed to a no-contest, and he is subject to further testing in order to be relicensed.

The clearly irate fighter went on Twitter and castigated NSAC commissioner Pat Lundvall for questions she asked him during the hearing.

“I honestly feel like Lundvall was a racist b—- asking me if I can read or speak english,” Lawal wrote. “Go on somewhere with that s—!!!”

Lawal continued.

“Its funny how people are tryna say that I’m callin the commission racist. No!! They aren’t. But there was one person on the panel that was out of line with the question she asked me. I found it insulting, prejudice, and a lil racist. I say racist from my past experiences, I have been asked that in the past as an insult.”

Now Lawal has been released by ZUFFA.

UFC president Dana White declined to comment  further.

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