Cage Contender/OMMAC co-promotion delayed; will now feature Lightweights

The Ultimate Fighter UK vs Australia trials continue to wreak havoc on English MMA, with a second OMMAC show being postponed in less than a week.

OMMAC had moved their OMMAC 14 show from 16th June to 28th July in the past couple of days and have now announced that their planned co-promotion with Cage Contender has also been delayed from 4th August until 1st December in Liverpool, England.

Originally the OMMAC/Cage Contender show was set to feature a featherweight tournament but now the two promotions have decided on a lightweight tournament, once again pitting the Irish against the English.

Names being touted for the event include Cage Contender lightweight champ Norman Parke, and on the English side, Andre Winner, Curt Warburton and Paul Kelly

“Chris [Zorba] as always is doing the right thing by moving the OMMAC date so it didn’t clash with the TUF trials.”

“It means that we have had to rearrange the dates, which isn’t always ideal, but in this case it has been done for the right reasons, and we are looking forward to the strongest fight card in UK MMA during 2012. This is a jam packed stacked division, and we cant wait to get this event on.” – Cage Contender owner John Ferguson


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