UFC PRIMETIME: Silva vs Sonnen II starts this Saturday on FUELtv

UFC 148: Anderson Silva vs Chael Sonnen is getting the “PRIMETIME” treatment. The first episode will air on FUELtv on Saturday 30th June at 7pm ET/12pm GMT.

The PRIMETIME coverage was only announced today, when the UFC posted a short video teaser (below)

The PRIMETIME series is usually broken up into 3 different episodes, airing on different days, however it is unclear at this time whether this will be the case in this instance.

The UFC.com TV schedule lists “UFC 148 Primetime: Silva vs. Sonnen” as airing on Sunday 1st July at 4.30am ET, Friday 6th July at 2am ET and Saturday 7th July at 2.30am ET , all of which are more than likely repeats due to the air time, however it could be the case that they simply haven’t updated the schedule properly yet.

UPDATE: Here is episode 1 of PRIMETIME

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