Cage Contender 17 now scheduled for Newry on 25th May

Cage Contender announced moments ago that Cage Contender 17 has been moved from Belfast on 13th April to Newry on the 25th May.

The card will still feature fighters from the originally scheduled card like Andre Winner, Alan Philpott, Damien Rooney, Conor Cooke and more.

We spoke to Cage Contender CEO John Ferguson, who revealed the reasoning behind the move.

“We never like to have to change a date, but due to the King’s Hall new pavilion building not having being granted its entertainment license yet, We have been forced to look further afield

“I’d like to thank all the fighters and coaches for their understanding over the last few weeks, while we scoured the country for a new suitable venue

“I’m really excitied about going to Newry as a new town for Cage Contender, its always exciting when you go to a new area and get to bring a live event to new people

“Newry has a great MMA tradition with guys like Damien Rooney flying the flag proudly for Irish MMA

“Our message to the people of Newry is quite simply, you would be absolutely mental to miss this.

“Tickets will be released on early next week.”

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