SevereMMA’s Irish MMA Rankings – March 2013

Our rankings were originally voted on by a select few, including MMA coaches, former fighters, fighters and respected MMA media and are now adjusted at our discretion.

You must be Irish, or living and fighting in Ireland to qualify for our rankings.

You can check out the February 2013 rankings here


March 2013



1. Chris Fields

2. John Michael Sheil
3. Ronan McKay
4. Henry Fadipe
5. Conor Cooke
6. Liam Shannon



1. Cathal Pendred

2. Tommy Quinn
3. Philip Mulpeter
4. John Donnelly
5. Richard Gorey
6. John Redmond
7. Chris McDonald
8. Tom Sullivan
9. Michael Reid



1. Norman Parke

2. Greg Loughran
3. Paul Redmond
4. Merv Mullholland
5. Chris Stringer
6. Ali MacLean
7. Michael Doyle
8. Ryan Roddy
9. Dec Larkin
10. Peter Queally



1. Conor McGregor

2. Brian Moore
3. Artem Lobov
4. Joe Clarke
5. Dec Dalton
6. Conor Mullholland
7. Mick Brennan



1. Paddy Holohan

2. Owen Roddy
3. Paul McVeigh
4. Damien Rooney
5. Alan Philpott
6. Steve McCombe
7. Richie Edgeworth
8. Paddy Doherty



1. Neil Seery

2. Steve McCombe
3. Andy Young


There are no light-heavyweight and heavyweight division rankings because only Karl Moore (LHW) and Colin Robinson (HW) were nominated during our voting process and we believe there simply isn’t enough talent in the heavier divisions in Ireland at this time.

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