Man Of War 6: Full Card and Information

Man of War 6 takes place next weekend on Friday 5th April at The Citywest Hotel, Dublin with Nick Laney of the MMA Clinic taking on Sylvester Chwaszcza of Shootfighers in the main event and will also include a one night featherweight tournament.

Here is the full Man of War VI fight card…

Main Event Pro Welterweight
Nick Laney (MMA Clinic) v Sylvester Chwaszcza (Shootfighters)

Final of 4 man Featherweight tournament

Amateur Middleweight title
Denis Perry (Strabane Fight Team) v Kevin Booth (Swords Fight Club)

Amateur Featherweight title
Kieran O’Brien (MMA Clinic) v Tommy Martin (SBGi)

Amateur 80kg catchweight
Tadhg Dixon (Legends) v Ryan Nugent (Monaghan MMA)

Amateur Welterweight
Paul Lawrence (RFA) v James Brennan (MMA Clinic)

Amateur Welterweight
Anthony Lawrence (RFA) v Sean O’Donovan (Sean Scoil MMA)

Amateur Welterweight
Cian Smith (MMA Clinic) v Fran McKeown (Swords Fight Club)

Amateur Featherweight
David Rpk (Monaghan MMA) v Manzur Astaev (MMA Lucan)

Amateur Bantamweight
Dean Knight (Legends) v Damian Wisdom (PHK MMA)

4 man Featherweight tournament semi final 2
Wayne Nash (TDD) v Ian Cleary (Primal MMA)

4 man Featherweight tournament semi final 1
Dario Sinagoga (Legends) v Stephen Burke (C-MAC)

Tickets are between €28-€43.50 and can be purchased at

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