Conor McGregor suffers complete ACL tear; out for up to 10 months

Dana White announced on Thursday night that Irishman Conor McGregor will be out for up to 10 months with a complete ACL tear, MCL strain, and a posterior horn meniscal tear.

The McGregor camp had been hopeful that the injury would be healed in 4-6 weeks, however a scan has shown the injury to be much worse than first expected

Conor is staying positive and appears to have taken it in his stride, letting fans know that their “favourite fighters are safe. For 10 months” via his twitter

“I celebrate adversity. Congratulations. Your favourite fighter is safe. For 10 months. #AintNothing I’ll do it on my back. EASY!!!!”

Conor’s head coach John Kavanagh said via his facebook

“Being positive when everything is positive is easy. The true test is maintaining that mindset when faced with adversity. Conor McGregor already displayed the mental and physical skills of a champion but facing this challenge with the support of his fans, friends, team and family is only going to make him even stronger mentally. Thankfully we live in a time where medicine is incredible and the UFC have the best surgeons looking after him. Looking forward to telling him he looks beautiful in between rounds again!”

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