Conor McGregor “Half the roster want to see me get beat and I love it”


Conor McGregor has told his future opponents that two solid performances should see him “jump the queue” to earn himself a title shot at featherweight champion Jose Aldo. The Notorious believes he will make his return to the cage in April/May of next year and believes he is capable of being the man to dethrone the current champ, who hasn’t tasted defeat since November 2005.

Conor himself rides a 10-fight win streak and didn’t hold back letting the featherweights know he was aware of the interest they have in a bout with the Irishman. “This list of people wanting to fight me is growing. Cole Miller, loads of them. There’s a lot of people out there who want to hit me, who want to see me get beat, half the roster want to see me get beat, and I love it, it’s great”.

Speaking on a potential match-up with Aldo, McGregor responded to critics who claim Aldo’s leg kicks will be decisive in the fight, “Well guys who say that are guys that haven’t left the sofa, fat 40 year old virgins, for a southpaw and an orthodox, it’s not that easy to throw a leg kick, all I have to do is turn my knee in and his hole foots gone, I’ve actually won a fight with it before, stopped a guy, not to mention he (Aldo) broke his foot in his last fight with it.”

“There is nothing he does that amazes me, when I get back on the mat it will be like I never left, I will come back and I will whoop him, and I will make it look easy in the process”.

“When I come back, I fight in April or May, win there, get another win then after that and I won’t be surprised if I get the title shot, I’ll jump the queue it’s what we do in Ireland, were the best at it.”

Not lacking any confidence, McGregor talked with his belief of visualisation, stating that he is the current champion of the featherweight division and promising to show the world by early 2015.

“In my mind I believe I’m the champ”

“I don’t know [when the title shot will come] but I’m just going to keep turning up and keep whooping ass, win these two fights, work hard, I’ll train hard and the performances I’m going to put in, then I won’t be surprised if I get the call.”

“What month is it now, October? Right October I’m the champ, 2015 everyone else will see, everyone else will see what I already see.”

By Jason Farrell – @J_Farrell1

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