McGregor reacts to Dublin’s July Card “They’re saying Cole Miller are they? It probably is him”


On the announcement of the UFC’s July return to Dublin earlier today, Conor McGregor has seen his prophecy fulfilled.

Declaring that he would “drag the UFC back to Ireland” in the lead up to his debut in April of last year, McGregor was in triumphant form on hearing the news.

“Let’s do it”, he shouted from London. “I’ve literally just heard the news and I’m definitely on that card. July 19th gives me plenty of time, that’s nearly too much time.

“I wanted to fight on the Independence Day weekend card in Las Vegas, that’s something that I really wanted, but fighting on UFC card in Dublin is a dream come true and I don’t give a shit who they put in front of me, I will run through anyone,” said McGregor.

Flying through his agility test with relative ease two days ago in California, the Dubliner insisted he was in top shape but had yet to hear who is opponent would be for his much anticipated return.

“I’ve really heard nothing, I’ve been off-line for about 26 hours because I was travelling back, but I’m sure I’ll have an email from Lorenzo or someone when I get back on.

“My knee has healed perfectly and I’ve already been working really hard in the gym, I’ve kept myself in good shape. Whoever it is, I’ll be ready.”

The SBG man didn’t seem to be too surprised that the rumour mill had connected him to a main event bout against rival Cole Miller for the Irish return given that the two have had a back and forth since the ATT man called out the Dubliner after seeing off Andy Ogle back in October. Miller, appearing on the Ariel Helwani’s ‘The MMA Hour’ in January, also claimed that meeting McGregor in his hometown was a prospect that he “wouldn’t mind”.

“They’re saying Cole Miller are they? It probably is him. I haven’t heard anything, I’m sure I’ll know as soon as I check my emails, but that sounds alright to me.

“We’re gonna showcase Irish martial artists to the world, it will be an amazing event. I want to put on a show for everyone, and that’s what I’m gonna do. I told you I’d get there and steal the show, I told you I’d drag the UFC back to Dublin and I told you that my team mates would be on that card with me.

“Honestly, I feel like I can predict the future. I dare you to doubt me. I’m gonna beat whoever they put in front of me in Dublin and then I’m going to go and get that belt.”

By Peter Carroll – @PetesyCarroll

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