Fight Picks – Sean Sheehan Vs Tom Bell


This event’s “Sean Sheehan Vs” sees Sean taking on Tom Bell of and Jiu-Jitsu Style in a battle of UFC 174 fight picks.

Every UFC event Sean and his opponent will break down the reasoning behind their main card picks and will give quick picks for the undercard.

We start with the main event, Demetrious Johnson vs. Ali Bagautinov for the flyweight title

If TJ Dillashaw’s victory over Renan Barao thought us anything; it’s to never rule out a dangerous challenger. Ali Bagautinov certainly fits that criteria. The Russian is an unrelenting grappler who outstruck John Lineker, the most feared striker in the division, in his last fight. Demetrious Johnson, the first and only flyweight champion, will be by far his toughest test. Mighty Mouse is wicked striker who has no problem mixing it on the ground. Speed, though, is his prime assett – it improves everything he does. At the end of the day it’s that speed mixed with unmatched technique which will see Johnson through here.

Sheehan’s Pick – Johnson via decision

Demetrious Johnson has been unbeaten at flyweight and for good reason. By knocking out Joseph Benavidez and submitting John Moraga, he shrugged off his 7 fight streak of going the distance and looks even more comfortable when holding the title. However I believe Ali Bagautinov, as obviously talented as he his, will fall just short of the title with an industrial, yet tactical Johnson performance where he will smart his way to keeping the title, getting the nod from the judges.

Bell’s Pick – Johnson by decision

Rory MacDonald vs. Tyron Woodley

If you like chess you’ll probably like this fight. It could be a slow, thoughtful procession to a decision or one swift move could end it all. Woodley is all about explosion; whether striking or wrestling. He has knockout power in both hands and the ability to take it to the floor at any moment. MacDonald, on the other hand, is a more of a tactician. The Canadian uses his long reach to pick opponents apart from the outside with his stabbing jab while avoiding power strikes. It will be tough for MacDonald to curtail the attacks of Woodley but he has done it to others before. I wouldn’t be surprised by a Woodley win but I’m going for the upset.

Sheehan’s Pick – MacDonald via decision

I like Rory Macdonald and it would be almost scripted for him to earn a title shot by halting the Woodley train in his tracks with a performance that shows he’s ready to sit in the throne that GSP sat on and bring the UFC 170lb title back to Tristar, all whilst fighting in Canada – but Tyron Woodley I just can’t choose against. I feel a Woodley explosion could meet MacDonald at some point which will ultimately end the fight. Not to discredit MacDonald’s ability, but Woodley is a freak athletic who would make any man worry when he’s coming towards you/

Bell’s Pick – Tyron Woodley by TKO

Ryan Bader vs. Rafael Cavalcante

This is a tough one to call between two borderline top-10 light heavyweights. Their strongest assets are shared – heavy hands and strong grappling. Since winning his season of TUF, Bader has won some fights but lost to everyone he has met on their way to a title. At some point he has to turn his obvious talent into relevant wins – but I don’t think it’s here. Feijao’s power has put many people to sleep and I wouldn’t be surprised if he does it again on Saturday.

Sheehan’s Pick – Cavalcante via TKO/KO

You see, Ryan Bader is one of those guys. I think he’ll win and he loses, he wins when I think he’ll lose but I’ll try not to let that sway my opinion. Cavalcante, a BJJ black belt who seldom has to call on it, has heavy hands, just look at his record – 11 KOs from 12 wins and ‘former Strikeforce champion’ written on his CV. The thing is though, he seems to have a weakness against the heavy handers and despite Bader not having quite as many knockouts under his belt, he’s as game wherever it goesand can always rely on his the confidence in his wrestling as a backup. Bader to catch him and Cavalcante to hit the canvas.

Bell’s Pick – Bader by KO

Andrei Arlovski vs. Brendan Schaub

If these two stand and trade someone is going to lose their consciousness. Heavy hands and weak chins don’t go together well – and Brendan Schaub knows this. In recent times, he has become a safer fighter who protects himself well and strikes only long enough to take it to the ground. Schaub won’t stand with Arlovski. On the ground I only see one winner. This could be a long boring snoozefest of a decision but Schaub’s submission attack has improved massively of late so the hope is he might get the finish while he wrestles the former champion.

Sheehan’s Pick – Schaub via submission

Arlovski’s big return to the UFC, seemingly being around for next-to-forever on the MMA circuit, he’s 35 and has a 6-1-1 record in his last eight. That said, Brendan Schaub is a beast, former NFL and seems to have a new fire under his belly, at least that’s what his interviews say. Will his new fire burn brighter than Arlovski’s UFC-return blaze? I’m not sure. Arlovski would be easy to write off, but he’s truly a veteran in this game, reliable hands against a rushing Schaub will surprise a few in my book.

Bell’s Pick – Arlovski by KO

Ryan Jimmo vs. Ovince St. Preux

When Ryan Jimmo fights it’s hard to know what to expect. Sometimes, he wrestles out a decision and does just what he needs to win. Other times, he comes out trading on the feet and puts on a show. Either way, I don’t think he can win here. I wouldn’t rule out OSP being taken down but it won’t be easy. He was thunder in his hands and should have the better of it on the feet. In the end, I think the power of OSP will tell.

Sheehan’s Pick – OSP via TKO/KO

19-3 Jimmo against 15-5 Saint Preaux. Hmm, Ryan Jimmo has shown he can be a complete brute in the cage but struggled against Jimi Manuwa and James Te-Huna. Saint Preaux nailed a sweet Von Flue choke in his last outing and finished his fourth fight in a row, but he’s fighting Jimmo in his back yard – not that I think it makes a difference, I foresee an OSP fighting smart and overwhelming Jimmo for three rounds.

Bell’s Pick – OSP by decision


Sheehan’s undercard quick picks:

Kiichi Kunimoto vs. Daniel Sarafian (winner via decision)

Valerie LeTourneau (winner via decision) vs. Elizabeth Phillips

Mike Easton (winner via decision) vs. Yves Jabouin

Kajan Johnson vs. Tae Hyun Bang (winner via decision)

Roland Delorme (winner via decision) vs. Michinori Tanaka

Jason Saggo (winner via submission) vs. Josh Shockley

Bell’s undercard quick picks:

Daniel Sarafian vs Kiichi Kunimoto – Sarafian by submission

Elizabeth Phillips vs Valerie Letourneau – Phillips by decision

Yves Jabouin vs Mike Easton – Easton by KO

Kajan Johnson vs Tae Hyan Bang – Johnson by submission

Rolande Delorme vs Michinori Tanaka – Tanaka by decision

Jason Saggo vs Josh Shockley – Saggo by submission

Rules: Every correct pick made is equal to 1 point. If the competition ends in a draw then method of victory will be used to decide a winner

And for the Sean Sheehan bet of the week…

My bet of the week this time is simple. Brendan Schaub to win with a submission at 13/2

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