Conor McGregor: I say it every time but this will be another first round finish


After his tumultuous question and answer session with the Brazilian fans in Rio de Janeiro earlier today, Conor McGregor sat down with the assorted media for a, now customary, scrum. As always, the SBG student was on fine form with headline grabbing quotes left, right and centre.

“I was expecting that on hostile territory,” McGregor admitted. “The Brazilian fans are passionate like the Irish. If Jose came over and tried to babble a little English out, they would try to rip him apart as well. I had fun, I enjoyed it but if someone would have come down there I would have put them to sleep, no doubt.”

On the possible location of a future show the Dubliner told reporters; “I said it to Dana, bring me to Brazil, I want to fight in Brazil. The title will be contested in a football stadium in my home town and then I will defend it here (in Brazil) in their football stadium.”

McGregor also had plenty to say about Dennis Siver, the man he is scheduled to fight early next year after plenty of back and forth over the last couple of weeks.”In my mind the belt is already wrapped around my waist.” McGregor said. “It’s about money, I’m fit, I’m healthy, I want to compete as much as possible… In my mind it’s not a risk”

“They all (UFC fighters) pose challenges, Dennis poses challenges; he’s top ten (in the UFC rankings). I will go in there in shape like I always am and I will get the job done.”

On Siver’s past drugs use McGregor also pulled no punches. “He has cheated in the past, everyone knows that. He was on the stuff that hides it (performance enhancing drugs). I don’t respect that one bit. I’m going to go in there and whip his head off. I’m going to punish him for it. He’s short, he’s compact, he doesn’t put his shots together well. I say it every time but this will be another first round [finish].”

“Whopping a German in Ireland’s home-town in American on free TV – it’s genius, it’s going to be fun,” McGregor said in response to a question about the fight taking place in Boston.

Not only does McGregor expect Siver to be put away in the first round, he also sees the fight being the last of the German’s career. “There is two ways you can fight me. You can come in, you can keep your mouth shut, take your loss and continue on with your career OR, you can open your mouth, I’ll shut you down and end your career. He has chosen to open his mouth and I have chosen to end his career.”

Another certainty in the mind of the McGregor is the possibility of Frankie Edgar or Cub Swanson being next in line for the title. “They are aging competitors.” McGregor quipped. “Who brings the numbers? This game is about the numbers, and I bring the numbers. I hold the key to the biggest gate, the biggest attendance. So it makes sense to put me in there. Unfortunately, they (Edgar and Swanson) will just have to sit it out. I will come back for them”

McGregor will be ringside tomorrow for the featherweight title fight between Chad Mendes and Jose Aldo before he fights the aforementioned Denis Siver on January 18th in Boston. A lot of different permutations are at play in the 145 lbs division over the next few months but one thing is for sure – Conor McGregor is the star of the show.

You can watch the full scrum here

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