Peter Queally loses close decision to Igeu Kabesa at EFC: Africa 40


It was a return to action this Saturday evening for one of SBG Ireland’s rising stars as Peter Queally dropped down from welterweight to take on 5-0 lightweight stand-out Igeu Kabesa at EFC: Africa 40 at the Carnival City Casino And Entertainment World, Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa.

Although he was going into the lion’s den to fight Kabesa in his home country, Queally, with SBG teammate Phillip Mulpeter by his side, looked confident walking to the cage and began the fight that way too.

A left hook from Queally was the first landed strike of the bout as both men were very light on their feet from the off. A couple of high kicks from Queally were off target immediately after that before Kabesa landed two leg kicks. Queally answered back with a leg kick of his own before two uppercuts put Kabesa on his back momentarily. Kabesa sensed the striking disadvantage and quickly took Queally down with a lovely double leg. On the ground, Kabesa landed a couple of strikes from the guard but Queally was able to get to the fence and inch back to his feet. Kabesa, though, kept a hold of him and controlled against the fence before Queally reversed and had some cage control in the last minute of a round which ended with another brief Kabesa takedown.

Queally looked confident again starting the second and took the centre of the cage. A couple of nice jabs as well as a fast right hand had Queally well ahead in the first minute of the stanza. A Queally takedown attempt was the next offensive move but Kabesa stuffed it and landed two powerful shots from the break. Queally didn’t seem too bothered though and and established his jab again. A leg kick from Queally, after a Kabesa switch kick to the body, followed that as Queally dominated the action with his strikes. With 90 seconds left in the round, Queally landed a beautiful lift and throw but Kabesa recovered and got a takedown of his own as Queally quickly got back to his feet to finish out the round in striking control again.

Kabesa wasn’t for standing back in the final round and surged forward with a takedown attempt. Queally defended well, though, and kept his back against the cage before disengaging. From the break, Kabesa landed two hard strikes which drew blood from the Irishman. Queally was able to take the centre of the cage despite the damage as they traded right hands in the pocket. Another lovely right hand for Queally put Kabesa on one knee and, from there, Queally attempted a front choke which Kabesa reversed before getting Queally to his back for a brief second. Back on the feet Kabesa got on his bike after that as both men struggled to land much. With a minute left on the clock, Queally was able to get some control against the cage and landed two strong right hands just before the extremely close fight ended.

In the end, the judges’ decision was always going to be close and they had it split 28-29, 30-27, 30-27 in favour of Igeu Kabesa who moves to 6-0 as a professional.



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