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UFC kit

Following the announcement on December 1st, 2014 that Reebok and the UFC would be joining forces in what was labelled a “groundbreaking six-year partnership that will see the global fitness leader become the exclusive outfitter and apparel provider for the world’s leading mixed martial arts organization” there have been many complaints over its fairness and much anticipation about how the fighter outfits would look.

Today, at the official launch of the UFC kit in New York, some of that was cleared up with the look of the new in-ring apparel displayed.

Fighters including UFC champions Ronda Rousey, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Fabricio Werdum attended the event donned in their kits while Conor McGregor was front and centre with his Ireland themed kit which he will wear for the first time at UFC 189 in two weeks.

According to a UFC press release, the UFC Fight Kit will be made up of three variations: Champion Kit – featuring black and grey colors with iconic gold trim, worn only by current champions, Country Kit – with country specific colors and badging, and Universal Kit – using black and silver with a global badge, available to all athletes on the roster. While it was also announced that the UFC Fight Kit includes the official UFC walkout jersey, variations of the Octagon short, the Octagon skort, the walkout hoodie, and assorted performance tops for women.

Speaking at the launch UFC president Dana White spoke about the the significance of the announcement; “This is a big one for us.” White said. “We have a big sporting apparel brand doing the kits for the fighters. Me, Lorenzo and Frank are really happy about this.”

“We’ve teamed up with an amazing global partner to take this sport to the next level, and we’ve done just that with the UFC Fight Kit. This gear was built and designed specifically for MMA athletes. Not only does it elevate the look of the sport – it revolutionizes the way they train, compete and perform.”

White also went on to talk about the fighters involvement in the process saying; “A lot of the fighters had input into how this stuff was made…. A lot of fighters were worried about individuality but they will get that (with this kit)”


If you missed the announcement check it out in the video below

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