Cage Kings 2: Full Card and Schedule


Cage Kings comes to the National Basketball Arena in Tallaght in Dublin, Ireland on the 8th of August 2015 with their second ever event.

There are 4 professional MMA bouts on the card, Charlie Ward takes on Ciaran Daly, Tom Hogan faces Lukas Bienias after Will Fluery was forced to withdraw. Darragh Kennedy will take on Zibi and Paul Lawrence will battle Alex Masuku.

Here is the card in full as it stands:

UPDATE: Check out the results from all the MMA bouts here

Pro MMA Bouts

1 Ciaran Daly (Trials) vs Charlie Ward (SBGi) WW
2 Thomas Hogan (Rush) vs Lukas Bienias WW
3 Darragh Kennedy (Kokoro) vs Zibi (Fantom) LHW
4 Paul Lawrence (Rush) vs Alex Masuku (Impetus) LW

Amateur MMA Bouts

5 Nikolay Grozdev (SBGi) vs Pawel Politylo (Impetus) FW
6 Jeananderson Ortsac (SFC) vs Brynjólfur Ingvarsson (Ymir) FW

Caged Thai Title Bouts (MMA gloves)

7 Wayne Grant (Fantom) vs Wayne Cambridge (Siam) 77KG
8 Alex Milhomens (309) vs Gary Ormond (Chupasart) 72.5KG
9 Aaron Brown (Chayio) vs Cian Cowley (Warriors) 70KG
10 Criag Coakley (Lionhart) vs Shane McIlroy (Evolve) 61KG
11 James O’Connell (Couage) vs Adrian Kirby (Spartan) 57KG

Caged Thai Bouts (MMA gloves)

12 Ivo Clinch (Warriors) vs Eoin McCarthy (Siam) 68KG

Pro K1 in MMA gloves

13 Karl Mc Callig (Warriors) vs Keith Levins (Blue Dragon) 75KG

Pro Thai Bouts

14 Daryl Flood (Warrios) vs Martyn Kemp (Team 00 UK) 62KG
15 Stephen O’Neill (Forge Muay Thai) vs Killian Bush (Carrigaline Muay Thai) 65KG
16 Anto Doran (Bridgestone) vs Amir Islam (Cork Thai) 59KG

Pro K1 Bouts

17 Justin Doyle (Chupasart) vs Dave McCarthy (Warrios) 74KG
18 Dawid Blaszke (Naas KB) vs John Sheil (Wicklow Martial Arts) 77KG

Tickets are available from the fighters on the card and the participating gyms and start at €35 for general admission, €40 for cageside (Row’s 2/3/4), €45 for Front row and €50 for a VIP ticket.

Doors open at 5pm, first bout at 6pm.

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