Conor McGregor talks Jose Aldo: His shady ass doesn’t get tested over there in Brazil


Conor McGregor spoke to Brazilian outlet Combate ahead of his December 12th fight against Jose Aldo at UFC 194 about the controversy surrounding Jose Aldo’s drug testing ahead of UFC 189.

“I got tested. I get tested constantly, it’s his shady ass that doesn’t get tested over there in Brazil,” McGregor said.

 “All this corruption is still over there. Some police officer from the gym arrested the guy who was taking the test. That is the shadiest shit I’ve ever heard in my life. So, I take the test, he doesn’t. Test his ass!”

McGregor is referring to an incident when Drug Free Sport director Ben Mosier attempted to obtain a sample from Aldo but was thwarted by alleged visa issues and was unable to collect a urine sample. Aldo provided a clean sample of urine only a day later but eventually was forced to pull out from the bout due to a rib injury. The NSAC published a letter form Drug Free Sport saying that everything that Mosier had done was above board and listed the whacky series of events that surrounded the sample collection attempts.

McGregor also expressed hope that Aldo was tested during his short visit to the United Sates for the UFC’s Go Big press conference “He should’ve been tested right now, today or this whole period,” he said. “If he wasn’t, that’s disgraceful. We’ll see. I’ll ask if he was or was not tested.” He said.

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