Michael ‘Venom’ Page ready to fight “anyone who is anyone” in Bellator


Michael ‘Venom’ Page is considered one of the most exciting welterweight prospects in MMA. The London Shootfighter’s highlight real is spectacular as is his perfect record. Next Friday MVP brings the show to Bellator 144. He is  charm and cockiness in equal measure, a divisive characteristic that has many clambering for more, and his detractors wanting to see him fall. His personality has helped to create almost as much hype as his aggressive striking style.

“At the beginning I wasn’t so conscious of how it (his personality) came across, now I am more aware but it’s still me! Once I get in a specific zone it’s just me through and through.”

Any way you look at it MVP is the type of fighter you want to are compelled to watch which he quickly attests to the quality of his training at London Shootfighters.

“Alexis and the other coaches are true mixed martial artists. They help to blend what I do well with other techniques without trying to change my style. Instead they are constantly helping me adjust and adapt what I do best for MMA. I mean they have used some of the movements from my points background and have adjusted them as technique for other fighters. They are not afraid to continuously learn and therefore we are continuously learning. I keep making strides forward and don’t feel I need to go anywhere else to fulfil my potential.”

Page, 8-0 (5-0 in Bellator), faces the debuting Charlie ‘The American Bad Boy’ Ontiveros (6-3) on October 23rd. There have been some questioning whether Page has risen as quickly through the ranks as anticipated, but MVP is more than happy with his current five fight win streak.

“I understand their impatience. I am happy with my progress and the steps I’m taking. I feel that the average UK fighter would only now be stepping into America with the record I have now. It is that people are watching my development as I am developing and that is where the impatience comes from. If I came into Bellator 8-0 people would expect that I’d get four or five fights before a title run.

“You can’t just come in and claim the title. It is only because people are watching my progression that they’re screaming for a title fight. I am developing in the spotlight and that can make things a just a bit more difficult. I feel that some people can be rushed into the wrong moves I want to make sure when I get to the top I stay there and that means being patient. I think people sometimes forget just how young my career is.

“I can remember getting messages like: ‘Why don’t you fight GSP? Why don’t you fight guys like that?” And I am like: you do realise I have only had a couple of fights?! I am a baby in this industry still…let me crawl first before I walk and run. I don’t feel any of the outside pressures. I can have a million people screaming at me: ‘You should do this, or you should do that’ and I am comfortable still taking the steps I want to take. He (Ontiveros) is another name and another step in the direction I want to go in. It seems like everyone wants to make things bigger than they need to be. I mean at first it was ‘first Bellator fight’, then it became the first Bellator PPV and your going to be on it, and there is always something that can be added. But I love that. I love living in the spotlight. When the crowd is cheering or booing, back stage, in the cage, I live for all of that!”

Ontiveros has taken this fight on three weeks notice, and the Legacy FC vet is also making his Bellator debut. Page’s team have done their homework, and MVP recognises the potential pitfalls to avoid.

“Fight camp has been amazing. I know some fighters who will be relaxing a bit before an opponent is announced. For me because I have so much to learn still my training just doesn’t ever stop so I am always close to fight shape. It is always frustrating when an opponent has to change and I have had to adjust slightly to his style but three weeks is plenty. For me it is the first time I have had to face an opponent who is also considered unorthodox. I think it might take me a little bit longer to work him out compared to other fighters. I am confident I will figure him out, but during that time where you are putting together the pieces you can get caught with shots and it doesn’t take much to get knocked out. So I am going to have to be patient…eyes wide in that moment and take him really seriously until I figure out his timing and what he’s looking for and then just really have fun from there and finish the fight. It might be the end of the first round or in the second when I finish him.”


Page isn’t taking his eyes of Ontiveros but if the fight goes Page’s way there will be plenty more noise for the welterweight to face a more named opponent. MVP would like that too. Potential clashes between he and Brennan Ward, or Paul Daley make for mouth watering encounters and Page isn’t against facing a fellow Brit in the Bellator cage.

“I am confident where I am right now all rounded as an MMA fighter. Anyone who can increase my ranking is what I want. I am about making forward steps now. I’m comfortable in my knowledge of the MMA game. From here on in anyone who is anyone I am happy to be in front of their face.

“Since the British Invasion card with Linton Vassell and Liam McGeary and myself and Paul people are saying well a lot of the British are in the same weight classes so what does that mean…and you know Paul and I really get along he’s a really cool guy. But what is comes down to is that we are gentlemen who are willing to go to war and then become gentlemen afterwards.

“It’s funny because I don’t feel like I am ever in a position where I need to chase any names! More people come to me than me to them. I am on a mission, people can see it in my fights, in my action and the way that I am winning. If the next sheet of paper has his name, or Ward’s, anyone it doesn’t matter!”

Michael ‘Venom’ Page has lived up to the hype thus far and on October 23rd this highly touted British fighter can take another step on his path towards Bellator welterweight gold.

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