Total Extreme Fighting 1: Full Card and Schedule


Total Extreme Fighting 01 is set to take place on Saturday 9th April 2016 at The National Stadium in Dublin, Ireland.

The main event sees a lightweight title fight between SBG Ireland’s Luka Jelcic and MMA Poznan’s Piotr Niedzielski and in the co-main Rush’s Adam Caffrey takes on Blaine O’Driscoll of SBG Ireland. Also on the card Charlie “The Hospital” Ward faces Joao Carvalho.

Tickets can be purchased from and Celtic Gladiator. Doors at 4pm.

Here is the card in full:

1 – Luka Jelcic VS Piotr Niedzielski
2 – Blaine O`Briscoll VS Adam Caffrey
3 – Charlie Ward VS Joao Carvalho
4 – Nathan Kenna VS Ross Quearney
5 – Dylan Kennedy vs Darren O’Brien
6 – Davy Murphy VS Marcin Zembala
7 – Vladislaw Hvoscinskis VS Kenny Mokhoana
8 – Vinius Bagdonas VS Dillan Douglas
9 – Neil McGwynne VS Paddy Wilkinson
10 – Adan Noway VS Jonathan McGrath

11 – Mark Fairman VS Mark Kearns (No Gi Submission)


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