Stephen ‘Wonderboy’ Thompson focused on MacDonald but feels he holds the advantage over Robbie Lawler


UFC welterweight title contender Stephen Thompson joined the Talking Brawls Podcast on ahead of his crucial UFC welterweight clash against Rory MacDonald on Saturday at UFC Fight Night 89 in Ottawa and said he is certainly not looking past this weekend’s opponent, and believes he is facing the most well-rounded opponent in the division in MacDonald, but feels he holds an advantage over UFC welterweight champion Robbie Lawler.

“Keeping the fight standing, I know that I have an advantage when it comes to him. What he has a ton of is heart, speed and spirit.”

“When you watch the last fight with Carlos Condit, even Rory MacDonald. There was a few times that he was rocked but in the 4th and 5th round he just gets this wind, this grind, this face on him that’s like “You know what? I don’t care what you throw at me, I’m going hit you as many time in the face and punch you in the face, and I’m not going to stop. ”

“He breaks people’s will doing that. He’s got kicks. He’s got good timing with a very strong Muay Thai base. Which is dangerous, those guys are tough. He’s got a ton of heart and a ton of spirit, just not letting him break you with that and trying to get him frustrated out there, is the key, I believe to beat him.”

The main event is being billed as a number one contender fight, but nothing is guaranteed in a stacked division. MacDonald is coming off a loss at UFC 189 to Robbie Lawler in one of the greatest battles in UFC history. The Simpsonville based fighter is taking nothing for granted and believes MacDonald is the most well-versed fighter he will face in the Ocatgon.

“You don’t know what art Rory is going to come after you with. Is it his striking, is he going to wrestle you and try get you to the cage to tire your arms out. Maybe do some hand fighting, throwing some elbows and knees. Rory is a lot craftier then Hendricks. He goes out there and tries things, he adapts well.”


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