Dan Henderson confirms he will retire “win or lose” against Bisping at UFC 204


Speaking exclusively to Talking Brawls Podcast with Niall McGrath & Petesy Carroll on SevereMMA.com, former PRIDE welterweight and middleweight champion Dan Henderson confirmed he will fight Michael Bisping at UFC 204 for the ufc middleweight title and also revealed he will retire after the fight, regardless of the result.

“I think it will definitely happen and I’m excited to get in there and hopefully do the same thing I did to him the last time.”

Although the bout has not been 100% signed off, Henderson is sure the fight will take place in Manchester and expects an official announcement within 48 hours.

“I’m pretty sure it will be a pay-per-view and I’d expect that it happens relatively soon, possibly in the next couple of days. We should be able to get it figured out. I’m waiting to hear the exact date, and where but I’m almost positive it will happen, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t at this point.”

“That is my plan, win or lose I’m ready mentally to retire.”

“My body could still probably go another two, three years more. I’ve put it through enough. I’m ready to take it a little bit easier, but still be involved in MMA doing something a little bit different than fighting”

The Californian fought on Europe’s biggest ever MMA stadium show back in January of last year losing via TKO to Gegard Mousasi, and believes UFC 204 could also take place in a Manchester stadium.

“I think I’ve heard a number of things but I believe it could be in a stadium over there in Manchester.”

The pair first squared off back at UFC 100 and ended abruptly with “Hendo” scoring a stunning KO victory over Bisping back in July 2009.

Bisping has confirmed to Luke Thomas he will fight Henderson, and launched a verbal assault on his old foe, but Henderson has fired back issuing a chilling warning to the middleweight champion. Bisping would likely open as the UFC moneyline favorite. Those numbers could change if money comes in for Henderson

“Be careful what you ask for, you might just get it”

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