Frankie Edgar’s coach Mark Henry says Conor McGregor is “a joke” and “a clown”


Frankie Edgar’s coach Mark Henry says he is fed up with the way the UFC is being run and doesn’t want to talk about McGregor but ultimately he couldn’t resist.

Speaking on this week’s Talking Brawls podcast on the revered striking coach didn’t hold back in reaffirming his dislike for McGregor and the promotion for putting the featherweight division on hold.

“Conor is a joke, I don’t even want to talk about Conor, I don’t understand this fight that he’s having, now. I think he’s a clown.”

The New Jersey based coach believes McGregor is pulling the strings within the promotion, and with McGregor and Diaz set to headline UFC 202 in August, Henry is not happy.

“Even if he beats Nate, which I don’t think he does. The guy already whooped him bad. How many tries is he going to have, you get to have another re-try, another re-try and another re-try. It’s a joke. I don’t know how long we’re going to go without this guy defending the belt.”

The 145lbs champion has yet to defend his title and the acclaimed striking coach believes McGregor should vacate the belt.

“I just think he should give it up. I don’t know what he’s so afraid of about giving up that belt, all he talks about is Mayweather, Nate Diaz and Lawler. The one thing he doesn’t talk about is his featherweight title.”

Henry who is also coach to Edson Barbosa, Marlon Moraes and UFC lightweight title challenger Eddie Alvarez, to name but a few, believes the promotion are bowing down to McGregor’s every demand.

“Dana’s going to let you do whatever. If you what to drive his car, go drive his car. If you want to go fight in the women’s division, Dana might let you go do that, too. Pretty much they’ll let him do everything but defend that belt.”

The Garden State native is frustrated with the direction he believes the UFC are going and compared the company to pro-wrestling powerhouse WWE.

“I think things in the UFC are upside down these days. They are talking about Bisping fighting Dan Henderson, a guy who is ranked thirteenth; he lost six of his last nine fights, stopped in four of them, ranked thirteenth, and just beat a guy who wasn’t even ranked. It’s more like the WWE. That’s how I look at it.”

Frankie Edgar fights Jose Aldo for the Interim featherweight title this Saturday night at UFC 200, and Henry says Edgar wants the real title and for McGregor to clear the cloud surrounding his desire to return to featherweight.

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