Conor McGregor Defeats Nate Diaz In Epic Five Rounder


Sometimes in sport, we get let down by the big occasion.

Nathan Diaz vs. Conor McGregor 2 at UFC 202 was not one of those occasions.

From the first round this was intense, breathtaking and full of skill.

McGregor dominated all of the early battles as he stood in the pocket and battled it out with Diaz. He looked superb defensively and battered the American with leg kicks before knocking him to the canvas with his trademark left hand.

McGregor, though, wasn’t rushing in this time. On each occasion he knocked Diaz down he let him back up and stuck to his gameplan.

Round two was much of the same in the early goings with another McGregor knockdown before Diaz had a good spell against the fence late in the round which wasn’t enough to win it, but was a sign of things to come.

In the third McGregor looked visibly worn out and Diaz won it in big fashion with a lot of dominance against the fence and a big flurry of late shots despite some good defensive work from McGregor.

As the round ended it looked like McGregor’s race was run. But it wasn’t. The Irishman made a career altering comeback in the 4th and showed an ability to gut it out like he never had the opportunity to do before. Again he landed leg kicks and left hands on Diaz and left his face bloodied and battered.

Entering the last round he was ahead on most logical scorecards but when Diaz bounced back and took the round it gave everyone somewhat of a nervy wait for the judges’ cards.

In the end, McGregor won a majority decision with one judge scoring it dead even.

For him it was a huge fight and proved a lot about his heart and toughness while for the fans it was another classic fight between two warriors.

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